Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Fun

We were suppose to go to a park in the Valley but my car wouldn't start this morning. Blah :( Anyway luck was with us because Erica hadn't left Liberty Lake yet so she came over to jump the car. So instead of the park we went to Broadway Elementary School for free lunch. And to play. (Lunch is free to kids 1-18.) Erica and I had Wendy's Almond Berry Salads. Very good. After lunch was workout. I haven't been since the third of this month. It was nice to see the ladies and my kids had a great time playing in the play room with the sitters.
Pic by Summer

   Summer is staying the night with Grandma D, Reggie will be climbing this evening. I'm thinking it's chill time for the boys and I. And maybe I'll clean something. :)

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