Monday, August 29, 2011

MOPS Convention Nashville 2011 - Part 3

Friday we missed morning devotions, we were just too sleepy to get earlier then we needed to. General Session opened their doors at 9:30 so that's when we got there. General Session was great with Lisa Harper as a guest Speaker, she is very funny. And Travis Cottrell did the music, amazing.
   After that was a fast lunch break then off the workshops. I had Living with Less so Your Family Has More, with Jill and Mark Savage. Erica and I had this one together. I bought there book and am excited to read it. This workshop was 1-2:30 then next one was at 3 so really there wasn't alot of time in between to do much but get to the next thing. I took the MOMSNext workshop and sadly didn't get too much out of that one. But someday there might be one in our area and I'll know a little about it. That one was over at 4:30 and the doors opened at 5 for the next General Session with Mandisa. Everyone was getting there early for that one.

Pictures aren't that great but man doing Zumba with Mandisa was a blast!! Also we laughed at and with John Branyan, who was very funny. It was a great session and a great day. We had dinner at a Mexican place in the hotel. Then bed so we could do it all again the next day.

A few fun pics while we waited for our dinner.

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