Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My birthday was last week. I'm 31 and a week old now and feel great. The day of my birthday was filled with cranky children but the evening was great. Reggie and I walked to the park to see the play Much Ado About Nothing. We were and late and had to leave early cause we had to pick the kiddos up, but it still was so fun. I hope it's something the park does more often.

My mother-in-law Darlene surprised me with this cake when we picked the kids up. It was so sweet of her and the cake was very yummy.

To make my birthday feel longer, on Saturday the 5 of us went to the Harvest House in Greenbluff to pick peaches and have ice cream. We were too late to pick and were very bummed about that. And it was very hot, but us Oakes make the best of things. We still had ice cream, the kids got free guitars, we bought peaches, let the kids run around. Over all it was good, we do want to go back when we can pick our own fruit. But any family time is a good time. :)

Summer was sad about not picking and wouldn't smile, but I liked my smile. :)

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