Friday, August 19, 2011

MOPS Convention Nashville 2011 - Part 2

Thursday we had alittle time to kill before me could get our MOPS goodies and be to our first workshop. Which we didn't know we had till right before. Anyway in the morning we walked across the street to see what we could see. It wasn't a whole lot. It was HOT out. I thought my flip flops were going to melt. We did find a few places to check out. A Cracker Barrel, a cake and candy place (Erica was in heaven there), and a gift shop.

We walked back "home" and as soon as we enter the building you could feel the buzz. MOPS mom have arrived!! They were everywhere. You could feel them. We got so excited and went to the Convention Center part to check in.  Our first workshop was at 3 (mine was Martha Doesn't Live Here and That's Okay with Kacey Johnson) then to Storyboard at 6 where Kathi Lipp, Max Lucado talked and Sara Groves lead us in worship. It was great!. After we got to check out the Resource Fair and all the awesome booths. By the time it closed we were worn out, so off to bed to dream about Friday.

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