Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Weekend of July

I can't believe how fast the summer is going. Happy August First!! The last weekend of July was fun, not too exciting, but fun. Friday Kim and her girls came over to play. Summer has been going over there alot but I wanted to see Kim. It was fun, it's nice to live on the water.
Summer, Alyssa, Emily, Janel

This is the new, coolest thing to do.

Friday evening we had a bonfire for Summer. We haven't done a fire in awhile and she really enjoys them. We did it early so we could still go to bed at a good time. Plus really it's all about the Smores anyway.
Saturday was the Farmer's Market and playing at home again. It was HOT on this day and home by the water was nice.

Cookies and water at the Farmer's Market

Sleepy boys after a raft ride

Sunday after church was another chill day at home. In the evening we went shopping to get me some clothes for my trip. (2 days in counting!) Reggie wanted me to go by myself but I'm glad we went as a family.

Eugene was making us laugh on the floaty. He would sit there and let it float away. Then he learned he could kick. It was pretty neat to watch. I have 3 little water babies. Even through Summer is not a baby. :) Great weekend!!!

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