Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time with Summer

Summer has been having some issues lately, it's been hard. She seems sad all the time and isn't very nice to her brothers or us as parents. I know for a fact what she misses is time with us without the boys. When we get busy we forget to plan something. So Tuesday was my date night with Summer. We went and had our hair done, then to the mall one of her favorite places. We have fun bumming around, had dinner, laughed, and talked. She was awesome and really fun with only a few moments of being a butt. I'm learning how to handle her. I really want to yell and send her to her room for the rest of the night. But I know now that isn't working, so now I ask if she needs time to herself to think things over. She is still a pill, I didn't think it would fix anything over night. I do feel positive that we with get through this. I've been reading her verses I think might help. I remind her all the time God is with her and loves her very much. Even when it seems like no one else does. Lots of prayer. I love her so much and want the best for her. God blessed me to be her mom and I'll the best I can with God by my side.  =)

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