Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Review

I know Christmas was a week ago, I just got my photos to upload to my computer. I will do a quick run through of Christmas Eve and Christmas with of course lots of pictures.
Christmas Eve is always with my mom. After the 2 o'clock service at church, which was great, we headed to Post Falls. We had dinner of ham, my favorite, played the Just Dance Wii, (love!), and gifts. When we were young my parents got us PJs we opened on Christmas Eve and wore them to bed. Since we are older and have kids she gets the grand kids PJs. (I'll have to do a post on the PJ scrapbooks we have made my mom.) It's always a great evening. Then we are home in time to put some cookies out for Santa and get to bed. :)

There is one kid missing. My brother couldn't make in up from Portland. He was missed.

I love Christmas morning. We make the kids wait till we pour coffee and give everyone their juice. They open stockings and the gift from Santa first. I love how the boys don't really get it yet and just ate their apples while Summer opened gifts. We have a rule that I made when I had Summer, we don't leave our house till noon. We spend this time just us 5 together. After all gifts were opened we took a look at our Jesus box and thanked God for everything we does for us. Like I said I love Christmas morning. :)

Gifts? I just need my apple.

Here dog have some candy canes.

Summer got Reggie a pancake shaper.

Summer and her locket.

LOVE my gift!!
On to dad's. Everyone heads there next. We have a very yummy brunch. And of course gifts. My dad's is where my bothers and I also exchange gifts. So lots of gifts being passed around. The kids love it. Again the boys didn't really care to much about the gifts they just wanted to run away and play with Boo the dog. But Summer and Neaveh love it. They helped pass out the gifts. :)

After a little break at home we went to Reggie's parents. We are lucky that everyone lives so close. For dinner Darlene decided to do an nontraditional dinner and have tacos. I can eat tacos anytime so I was all for it. And the kids liked it. Darlene and Dean gave the kids great sweaters for winter, which the boys will actually wear. Todd and Sharon got them some very cute clothes. Ending Christmas at their house is the best way to end it. Very chill. :)

It was a great, amazing, wonderful Christmas!!

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