Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Not Women of Faith....

I ended up being sick, so I couldn't go to Women of Faith. Well I guess I could have but it didn't sound like much fun the way I was feeling. Erica and I got free tickets when we signed up for MOPS Convention. She took mine to find someone else to go. I hope she did, and I hope everyone there has a blast.
I 'm feeling a bit better. I slept great and slept in (if 7:30 is sleeping in). Since I was feeling some what better we decided to walk to the Farmer's Market. Summer has (finally) learned to ride her bike without training wheels. :) It felt good but wore me out. I really enjoy family time. Even though I missed something I'm sure was amazing, I feel like I gained good time with my family.
This is why Summer likes it when Daddy makes pancakes.

Statue of Summer Liberty

No training wheels. :)

Who doesn't like being appreciated?

Pic by Summer

Just beautiful :)

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