Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Week in a Nutshell

Monday was my brother, Brandon's birthday. He comes over on Mondays with Neaveh to play in the water and what not, but this day I thought it would be fun to do something else. With Erica's help (I can't fit everyone in my car) we went and had lunch at Broadway, grown ups had Wendy's. Then to have a special ice cream treat at BR. Later that evening with went to my dad's for pizza and cookies. It was a good day and I believe Brandon had a good birthday.

Tuesday was Summer's yearly eye appointment. She has been going for years. It use to be twice a year but thank goodness it's one a year now. She has "wall eye" which means her eye looks towards the wall and takes it's time focusing. But good news 'It looks good.' says the doc. Summer was awesome! They had to dilate her eyes and in the past it hasn't always gone so well. But this time she let them and didn't complain. On the way home I got her a special drink and we watched movies when we got home.

Wednesday was Millwood Park in the afternoon and then to the farmer's market to get WIC checks. Erica and company joined in on this adventure. Later I went to my mom's for dinner and a movie. We try to do this every once in awhile. Laughing is good for the soul and stomach.

This is what I came home to that same night. My kiddos are lucky to have such a great, fort making daddy. :)

Thursday was toes and coffee with my mom during the day and date night with my hubby. My mom watched the kiddos at her house in Post Falls so we stuck around there. We found out we can have fun doing anything and nothing. We spend most of our time talking to Kent at Ace Hardware. Nice enough guy. And driving around new neighbors at sunset. A great sunset.

Friday was our chill day. The kids painted and played. Summer showed the boys how to finger paint. They loved it. We did go to the library, but had to leave fast because the boys weren't the best behaved kiddos there. Went for a run with Reggie while Summer was at Darlene's. As a family we played outside then went to the store for goodies. I love the family moments. :)

Today, Saturday, is another chill day. Summer woke up sick. Lots of movies and hanging out.
Tomorrow we look at a house and hopefully do something with Darlene, who's birthday is on Monday.
That's my week!! :)

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